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Funny story…So booboojonson got into the broadcasting and internet radio industry quite by accident. What began in late 2016 as a simple effort to support a friend by sharing and tuning into a live broadcast on Facebook, developed into so much more. Known as “booboo” to those she met in the DJ biz, she quickly made friends and networked to somehow, unknowingly, weasel her way into every show on that station (insert evil laugh here) and it all started with an invitation to come hang at the studio.

After several weeks of visiting the different shows in the lineup, booboo, being on the techie side, began helping out with camera, desktop, and interaction with the audience in the live chat. Eventually, the honing of these multitasking skills, and being an all-around badass, got her a spot as the righthand man to the station owner, plus a set of keys to the kingdom. Booboo dedicated lots of time to her newfound hobby which she thoroughly enjoyed. Meeting new people and helping out, was a lot of fun and working with talented local and national artists, was a super perk that just came along with the territory. And tacos! Lots and lots of tacos!

By 2017, DJ Tommy Cruz had been introduced to the station and was brought onboard as a Sunday staple with his long-standing broadcast, four years running via other platforms. Tommy and his cohosts were in awe as they were astounded more and more each week by booboo’s abilities! She worked closest with Tommy’s show demonstrating her bawdy prowess, and the other stuff too, which gained her recognition from the Houston based, Support Local Music, (SLM) organization where she was nominated and voted Best Engineer 2018, for her work with the station and on The DJ Tom Cruz Radio Program.

Four more years have passed and other shows have come and gone but one thing has remained the same and that’s The DJ Tom Cruz Radio Program - The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment!
When she’s not on the show captivating people with her wit and wisdom, booboojonson, likes to nap, shop and hang with friends and family. Also an avid Mustang and car enthusiast she enjoys driving, race stuff, concerts, comedy shows and keeping peoples’ phobias as pets.


Bryan Barton AKA Braxton City, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. After graduating high school, Braxton joined the Navy where his love for music was fueled as he traveled the world experiencing an even greater collection of music. Upon separating from the Navy Bryan went on to get a BA in Hospital Management, ironically, 10 years later he has never worked in a hospital lol.

Bryan currently works as the Social Media Escalation Manager for Macy's full-time, but finds his passion and joy in music. At any given time you can find a variety of music playing through his home or in his car.

The love for music runs throughout the entire family, just stop by any family gathering to get a free concert, ranging from Tina Turner to Kirk Franklin, or BoysIIMen and the list goes on.

A firm believer that music can heal. There is often a song for whatever mood you're in and music can often help get you through anything life might throw your way.

Born in the rhythmic heart of Austin, Sabrina Leaks, fondly known as Brina Breezy, is a tour de force in the world of radio and journalism. Her first electrifying taste of the airwaves came in the 90s, when her voice echoed through the speakers of 104.3 The Beat, an experience that sowed the seeds of a lifelong passion. Guided by the legendary footsteps of her godfather, Johnny D. Hanson of KAZI 88.7 and KUTX 98.9, and her cousin, Curtis Cole, a renowned DJ in Houston, Sabrina's destiny was set amidst musical maestros.

A proud alumna of Texas State University, with a specialization in Social Science and Journalism/Mass Communication, she juggled the academic rigors while making waves as an intern at Emmis Austin Radio and crafting innovative ideas for KTSW Campus Radio. Post-graduation, Sabrina's love affair with radio only deepened. Not one to be boxed into a single endeavor, she's explored realms from herbalism to entrepreneurship with C&S Naturals LLC, but her heartstrings always pull her back to the microphone.

Recently, Sabrina was instrumental in launching Da Bizz Radio, hosting dynamic segments that resonate with listeners. With an unmatched energy, she now graces the sets of KERB Radio every Tuesday morning and Saturday night, curating an eclectic mix of Afrobeats, Reggae, as well as introducing latest hits and trending topics. With an ethos centered around positivity, Sabrina, with her 'Breezy' touch, is redefining radio, one beat at a time.

NAME: Jose noe Longoria Jr

I've been DJing for about 30 years at different bars and clubs around Houston.

Married for 24 years with two beautiful kids one boy and one girl.


It's KERB's own mascot, DJ Kerby bringing the fire during our diverse music segments, every day.

I am DJ Master Renegade founder , manager and owner of MXTR FM Have been DJing for a little over 30 years now I play many styles and mixtures of music. I have been playing in the VA , DC , MD area as a club and mobile entertainer. My experience includes clubs , bars , weddings and all types of functions from corporate to private events. Music has always been my passion.
You can catch DJ Master Renegade with The Thursday Throw Down Dance Party Mix 11:00 PM till 1:30 AM EST

Q Diamond Phillips has always been a music head. In his youth he found himself listening vast genres of music. He loved everything from HipHop, to Rock. It was only natural for him to be the one often called on to get the party hype by playing songs that made people want to move. He decided to take that love up another notch when he became a co-host a hot radio variety show The DJ Tom Cruz Show along with the host DJ Tom Cruz and co-host Booboo Jonson.
He then got interested in taking it to the next level by joining an online radio show where he brought DJ Q Diamond Phillips to life with his shows Da Edutainment Corner & Manic Mondays and also brought his compadres DJ Tom Cruz and Booboo Jonson with him for their show The DJ Tom Cruz Show. A new opportunity fell into his lap and now he brings his shows and full personality to the fullest on KERB Radio. Tune in and see just how bright this diamond shines.

Tommy Cruz used to record himself on a cassette recorder as a kid. Doing a sports report, a traffic and weather report and ramp up a song to the post. He's always loved radio, is the point...
After giving up doing mobile DJ gigs, he still had the passion for DJ'n. So he started A LIVE mix show on the internet, back in 2012. It was a monthly show that he did with a few friends that were just hanging out and listening to a mix show. Then, Tommy slowly started to incorporate a few sports segments with his friend Lain Custer.
Talking about sports and then going into a quick mix.... Then, LIFE started happening and Tommy started to talk about different issues in sports, politics, comedy and overall pop culture. Before you knew it.... There was a music intro made by a fellow Church member Derrick Adams (who remains a friend). And there was very few songs and mostly topics of the month...
Lain was Tommy's 1st co-host in the start of what became "The DJ TomCruz Radio Program" by the year 2014.

In 2015, Tommy met a comedian manager named David Nunez. David had an internet radio station called "Bluestreak Radio". Tommy and Lain did the same monthly show on a different platform.
In 2017, David introduced Tommy to Eddie Vilano of Party103 Radio. The Party103 radio studio, is where Tommy also met Amanda Booboojonson. "The DJ TomCruz Radio Program" became a weekly radio show on Party103. Picking up a very crucial new member in Amanda Rinche from day 1one!

On January, 4th of 2018, as a member of Party103, Tommy made a New Year Resolution to "at least get nominated" for an award. After hearing about an organization called SLM (Support Local Music). Tommy went on to get the nomination that same year. Amanda Booboojonson and Party103 also were nominated that same year. All 3 went on to win the awards. Amanda won Best Local Engineer and Tommy won Best Local DJ and also Best Local Radio Show. The management of Party103 decided to shut down the studio because of maintenance issues... So, Tommy made a makeshift studio at his home. Party103 simply faded away... But, The DJ TomCruz Radio Program moved on...

In 2020 Tommy and Amanda joined SCP Radio. A mostly Tejano internet radio station. The SCP Radio crew was nothing but nice and friendly to the show. SCP is still rolling strong and we still remain in contact....

In 2022, The DJ TomCruz Radio Program joined With another member added to the radio crew, Mr. Quincy Walker. (Q-Diamond Phillips) Then another opportunity presented itself and he moved all of his shows to KERB Radio, with everything there is growth and the only place to go is up! be continued...


An amazing Variety Show filled with fun, games and knowledge!

Jefawn Evans is a marketing director with 7 years of experience. She got her degree in broadcast journalism and minor in communication from the University of Kentucky. It was there she learned all things media marketing. She specializes in social media marketing, copywriting and content creation.

In her 7 years of experience she has worked for CBS News Radio, SEC Network and ESPN in PR and Media relations, Award winning newspaper Kentucky Kernel as a writer, WRFL as a radio show host, and many other A list corporations.

Currently Jefawn is an entrepreneur and has helped over 50+ businesses grow on social media. She also serves as the marketing director for KerbOnline Radio and assistant marketing director for Higher Dimension Church. Alongside marketing, Jefawn does videography, writing, editing, and graphic design.

Jefawn is a creative visionary and enjoys using her gifts and talents to help others grow. By the grace of God she was given the purpose of helping others use their creative gifts and talents to walk in their calling. Currently her vision is to create a space for women to come together in community and find and fulfill their God given purpose.

In her free time Jefawn likes to read, travel, dance, roller-skate, karaoke, explore new things, try new foods, meet new people, and spend time with family and friends.

Who is “JessTalks”. Jessica Viser owner of Impressive Results by Jess, LLC wanted to promoter her products and business on multiple platforms. She wanted to start a YouTube channel but was scared it would not do well. Then realized there’s only one way to find out. So, she went for it! Posting all events sharing them on her other platforms and gaining more subscribers without the assistances of outside promoters. One day Jess was driving and had a rough day then decided to go live on YouTube venting about how she never went on a trip for herself to just unwind. This is when “JessTalks” was officially a thing. The feedback given was amazing with subscribers explaining how relatable her talks were to their everyday life.

She continues sharing with everyone all the wonderful ways her Hair & Skin products can assist them on their Hair & Skin Journey. The All-Natural products made by Jess can be found at

Scalp & Hair Treatment
Skin Treatment
Beard Treatment

L. Michelle Jewell, a native Washingtonian, was raised in Southern Maryland right outside of Washington, DC and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. L Michelle Jewell's journey is truly inspiring, with her diverse range of talents and passion for empowering others. Her background in sales, marketing, television production, and advertising has undoubtedly contributed to her success as the CEO and Founder of L Michelle Enterprises. Her dedication to helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential is commendable, and her radio and podcasting style showcases her unique and classy approach. Above all, her mission to create a positive platform where everyone's voice can be heard is a noble and important goal. L Michelle Jewell is a true motivational coach, demonstrating that dreams can be achieved regardless of one's past experiences. Her message to take charge of one's path and purpose through prayer and supplication is powerful and encouraging.

Michele Lee Evans, aka, Mileeva the Diva is a native of Washington DC, now a Houston, TX transplant. She holds an MBA with a double minor in Human Resource Management and Computer Information Systems.

Mileeva is an entrepreneur, having started her gift basket business in 1998, and turned in into a jewelry design business, Mileeva Designs in 2006. She is also the founder and CEO of MLE Enterprises where she does business consulting and helps others to write their books. She herself, is a published author of three books, and a motivational speaker on the topics of abuse and bullying, as well as entrepreneurship.

Her love of music and speaking pulled her towards starting her own radio show called Mileeva Speaks in 2018. After time at KYOB Radio, she started her own independent broadcast, until she reunited with friends and fellow broadcasters at Da Bizz Radio.

After a few months, she left Da Bizz and decided to start KERB, a station she prides as being the most diverse internet radio station on the planet, and where broadcasters can be themselves, adding even more diversity. She is the host of The Amapiano Experience, The Friday Drive, Planet Rock, and Smoothed Out Sundays. Replays of Diva's shows can be found on

Michele’s favorite quote is by Les Brown and has become a staple at her speaking events: “Never let someone’s opinion of you, become your reality.”


As an infant Mz. Fee the First Lady slept with a radio in her crib. While most babies were soothed too lullabies, she was soothed by the sounds of Motown. When she visited her grandmother in the summertime, she would often check out Albums from the local library. Her grandmother was always baffled when she would hear Mozart or Beethoven and even the Beetles blasting out from the living room. She absolutely lived and breathed music. As she got older, she grew more and more in love with almost every genre of music. Growing up in the late 70's and 80's the music in her household and in her surroundings were filled with music. Her bedroom was a tribute to artists such as Prince, Parliament Funkadelic, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osborne, Dolly Parton, she just had photos everywhere, there were no empty spaces on the wall. Who would have thought later on she would fall in love with a man in the music industry. Kevin KP Ener Sr was a local DJ turned Indie Record label owner. He grew tired of trying to convince local mainstream radio to play his artists. He became desperate and wanted to chain himself to the towers of the radio station in protest when the First Lady convinced him to start his own station. So, they did. They started the one and only 96.1 FM Acres Homes Community radio station where they had over 33 volunteer staff, air personalities and DJ's. After his untimely death, she closed the station and began doing internet radio. Keeping the station going was tough dealing with her husband's death and trying to raise 3 young kids. She found an outlet working for other stations such as Party 934, Powerhits 281, KYOB Radio and then Da Bizz Radio. In all of the stations she held the title of Station Director and Air Personality. Change is evident and so is growth so she took her show's Grown Folk's Party and Let's Talk About it to her new home KERB Radio Broadcasting where she is also a Station Director and Air Personality/Talk Show Host. I can assure you, wherever she goes in this life, music will be there.

I am a music lover and enthusiast, living in Little Rock, Arkansas. I got started in radio at the ripe ole age of 15. I stayed on Am & FM radio for around 8 years. I had to get a real job and stayed out of radio for over 20 years. I never loss the fever for being on air, so I returned to radio on internet radio in 2015.

I am once again returning to it, cause I just can’t shake It. Looking forward to hearing from y’all, and hope you guys get my message and enjoy the show!!!!! Now Let’s Do This


Sheri Amor evolved from her name Sheri and it started with a tattoo on her neck, always thought love is more than hate. Infinite love for people and a genuine desire to see the good in everyone. Wants to see the world to be a better place for each person that she comes across, whether it be in person or through the air waves. An adventurous life coach of sorts and real-life Hippie that believes that growth and evolution of all life experiences bring us from torment or tragedy and brings us through to triumph and everything is figureoutable.
Her show Get in Between with Sheri Amor, for everyone that is stuck whether it be Christianity and Spirituality, Life Messenger to bring a good word of guidance through her life experiences good and bad. Bringing new meaning to the words in between. We all have been in a place where we didn’t know where our next step or move was going to be. Join me and let me be your guide to this World which we call life and learn and grow and as we dive in between.
Her experience. A mom of three with a lucrative career who stood on principal and built her life accordingly. Instilling in her children pure and honest love and nurturing without candy coating the real world and what is out there. Has a Can-Do spirit with a passion for Life and Love and everything in between.
What you’ll get from her show is real life applications and strategies to help maneuver and grow through every aspect of life. Learn how to ground yourself and figure out who you truly are in this realm.
Now Let’s Get in Between with your girl Sheri Amor every Monday 6pm-7pm.

UK and US banter, Pop culture and relationships with Steve Benz and Malissa Whitehouse. Syndicated on over 65 stations worldwide.

TV, radio and in-person presenter. Host of The B Side and Out Loud with Malissa Whitehouse. Syndicated on 110 stations.