Welcome to Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting. KERB-DB Houston

With tens of thousands of listeners per month all across the globe, KERB can help you grow your small business with radio advertising. Radio is a much more effective, and less expensive avenue to get the exposure your business needs. KERB offers affordable advertising packages for every budget and goals. Sponsor or advertise with an award-winning radio station with global reach and on-air personalities that command the attention your business needs. 



Your organization or business can choose to sponsor the station, particular music segments, I.E., The Round-Up Country Music segment, or a particular Broadcaster's live weekly show. Packages can be as minimalist as a 15 second Sponsor or ad mention, or a 30/60 second client produced commercial. The package you chose, will determine your time placement and frequency of on-air time. Contact Michele Lee Evans (Mileeva the Diva) to find out which package will be right for your business. 


*For single broadcaster show sponsorship or advertising, you may reach out to the broadcaster directly, using our Broadcaster Directory.