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Mz. Fee The First Lady
As an infant Mz. Fee the First Lady slept with a radio in her crib. While most babies were soothed too lullabies, she was soothed by the sounds of Motown. When she visited her grandmother in the summertime, she would often check out Albums from the local library. Her grandmother was always baffled when she would hear Mozart or Beethoven and even the Beetles blasting out from the living room. She absolutely lived and breathed music. As she got older, she grew more and more in love with almost every genre of music. Growing up in the late 70's and 80's the music in her household and in her surroundings were filled with music. Her bedroom was a tribute to artists such as Prince, Parliament Funkadelic, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osborne, Dolly Parton, she just had photos everywhere, there were no empty spaces on the wall. Who would have thought later on she would fall in love with a man in the music industry. Kevin KP Ener Sr was a local DJ turned Indie Record label owner. He grew tired of trying to convince local mainstream radio to play his artists. He became desperate and wanted to chain himself to the towers of the radio station in protest when the First Lady convinced him to start his own station. So, they did. They started the one and only 96.1 FM Acres Homes Community radio station where they had over 33 volunteer staff, air personalities and DJ's. After his untimely death, she closed the station and began doing internet radio. Keeping the station going was tough dealing with her husband's death and trying to raise 3 young kids. She found an outlet working for other stations such as Party 934, Powerhits 281, KYOB Radio and then Da Bizz Radio. In all of the stations she held the title of Station Director and Air Personality. Change is evident and so is growth so she took her show's Grown Folk's Party and Let's Talk About it to her new home KERB Radio Broadcasting where she is also a Station Director and Air Personality/Talk Show Host. I can assure you, wherever she goes in this life, music will be there.